You might be wondering about a life without porn. How sad life can be? Because porn is the thing what brings some pleasure to you, and all you do is enjoy, right? By the end of the day, what we need is nothing but happiness and enjoyment Then why quit porn? In this boring life, what shows a little bit heaven Then why quit it? Or even if I quit, what is the alternative? What give joy as porn gives?

If I quit porn, how will you look like? Does life get any better? Or will it be more boring than my current life?

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So how will will be porn?

Life is a very beautiful experience, its so vivid that there is always scope for wonder and new. ‘New’ is ever ending But Porn only shows a fraction of that joy, real life is much more joyful But all guys do not have access to it

Only courageous people experience life and its newness If one experiences ‘New’ always, then there is no boredom in life, life becomes a wonderful journey, so many experiences, life becomes dazzling if one can experience life fully. One will say thanks to god (or any deity) for this wonderful planet and the wonders it contains

You can see some people who live marvellously, you can see that in their eyes.

If you notice, you can see the fact that most of the people lack in this spark in their eyes If you see some of them, you may think like ‘this guy just want to die’. Yes. If you look people closely, you see people who are not allowed to live in the world, they may not acknowledge consciously, but unconsciously they are living in hell in hell, you can read it from their eyes In their eyes, you see the prayer like ‘Oh God! Please take me from this world as soon as possible ‘) Many of these people too die fast.

I observed people who show this kind of extreme opposite traits The major difference I found is nothing but the courage Of course there are issues like intelligence, patience and all that makes the difference, but the main reason I found is nothing but courage.

Courage is not a thing that make one go to the street and challenge everyone there, courage is nothing but trust towards yourself, trust in positive, Attaining trust is ever easy, attaining trust can never be a selfish endeavor, trust attaining good wisdom , (I’ll discuss this in another article). But one must rekindle this and take actions.